9/19/2009 pcso lotto results

september 19, 2009 saturday pcso lotto results

Lotto 6/42
Php 3,971,242.80
Draw Date: 9/19/2009

Power Lotto 5/55+1
Php 73,804,185.00
Draw Date: 9/19/2009'

Draw Date: 9/19/2009

Swertres Lotto
2pm: 3-3-1
5pm: 1-4-9
9pm: 7-2-4
Php: 4,500
Draw Date: 9/19/2009

EZ2 Lotto
2pm: 29-20
5pm: 16-15
9pm: 30-08
Php 4,000.00
Draw Date: 9/19/2009


Anonymous said...

WHY are your lotto result's alway's LATE

admin said...

Sensya na po. We will update it as fast as we can. Nagka problem lang with internet connection.
Please refresh the browser too, sometimes we have posted it na. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

why do u have to make it harder for us to know the latest results? also, u r not posting the winning amount for the 6D?

admin said...

Apology for the lapses. Will make it better.
Thank you,
Lotto Blogger

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